Where is the shame? – Former president Kgalema Mothlane questions corrupt officials stealing from the Covid-19 funds

Kgalema MothlaneFormer president Kgalema Motlanthe made comments about the theft of Covid-19 funds and food parcel. He said these people involved during this theft are known and even when reported, no consequence or any sort of punishment has been set in situ for them.

Motlanthe emphasised the importance of integrity and its link to popular opinion , warning that officials shouldn't think popular opinion doesn't matter or feel they will escape with any conviction during a court of law.

“That’s what must be understood. You can’t be publicly office and questions are raised about your overall integrity and you remain in office,” he said.

“From folklore and old traditions, that’s why our people say: ‘A o na di dihlong, unembeza?’ (Have you no shame?) Di hlong di kae (Where is that the shame) if you're getting to use a burial to syphon away money or the distribution of food parcels?” the previous president also added.

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Although, a specialised investigative unit is already performing on probing claims of corruption involving the Covid-19 social relief fund and there has been series of reports that officials attempted to steal food parcels or to use them for patronage purposes. they're expected to be performing on this report.