Western Cape’s longest coronavirus patient dances out of the hospital

coronavirus patient dances out

The 48-year old mother, Zuliswa Maqana couldn't help but jubilate after been cured. The hospital’s spokesperson Alaric Jacobs during a statement said nobody expected the 48-year-old mother to bop out of the hospital “but the jubilation was there for all to see” when she was discharged on Monday.

“I didn’t know what day it had been [when I entered the hospital] and that i couldn’t move for weeks. But they (hospital staff) helped me learn to steer again after 77 days. and that they were all so happy on behalf of me once I could head home ,” Maqana said.

“Everybody was so nice to me and therefore the doctors were wonderful. i'm so proud of the treatment I got at Groote Schuur.”

Jacob said Maqana had severe Covid-19 pneumonia when she was admitted to Mitchells Plain District Hospital on 4 May. She was transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital each day later. She was immediately admitted to the medical care unit (ICU) and was intubated and ventilated there for 51 days out her 54-day ICU stay.

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General surgeon Dr Henri Pickardt said it had been a “rocky course” for Maqana in ICU because she experienced complications and other infections along the way but she made it out stronger.

Watch video below:

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