WATCH: Karim explains why schools should remain open

Professor Salim Abdool Karim has said there's no evidence that COVID-19 is being transmitted at schools.

Karim further said most cases aren’t from the varsity premises, but from outside.

The involves school to be closed as been the talk about the country for days now, because the coronavirus keeps spreading its wings.

But, Karim reiterates that children should remain in schools, as far as COVID-19 regulations are adhered to.

Karim mentioned in his statement:

“I’m unsure immediately whether there’s any a part of the country that i might recommend that children shouldn't attend school. i feel at now , albeit cases are rising, the particular fraction of infections is sort of small then at this stage if the principles are followed, If we confirm we've social distancing which we follow protocols that are recommended for schools, there should really be no concerns that children getting to be|are"> are going to be at great risk when going to school.”

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You can watch the complete interview above.