Watch: Basetsana Khumalo shares her story as she celebrates mental health awareness month

Basetsana KhumaloBasetsana Khumalo has taken to her social media to share a number of her most challenging times.

This is coming as a results of her celebrating the psychological state Awareness Month.

Basetsana reflected on her most depressed moments as she shared an extract from her book.

She said: “It was mayhem. Drips, injections, it had been absolute chaos within the ward. We tried everything but I went into labour – the babies were just 20-weeks-old, twins. I could feel their every move. There was such an intimate a part of me for 20 weeks but they didn’t survive.

“The doctors put me into a labour ward and at one point I began to lose consciousness and that i told Romeo we had to form a choice . The doctors gave me an choice to have a general anesthetic or a caesarean, but I said, ‘no, I don’t want to travel home with a scar and no babies’,”

Bassie said she took the decison to travel into labour albeit she wasn’t sure she would be ready to take them home.

She continued: “My sister Lerato had gone to our home to fetch my Bible and my father’s crucifix, which is one among the items I happened to stay in his belongings after his passing. When she came back I told her to read me my father’s psalm together with his cross around my neck.”

“When the curtains closed, I delivered my babies- a boy and a woman. The nurse quickly came and asked if I wanted to ascertain them. I said, ‘no. allow them to enter peace’.”

Bassie also revealed that her husband, Romeo was there during the time holding her hands and she or he is grateful to him.

“I cried, he cried, we all cried. it had been painful. I went into severe depression once I lost my babies.”

In her caption, she stated October may be a vital month for her and lots of people may need faced tons already but she encourages all to be understanding of every other

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