#VusiReconcilesWithZodwa: Are the duo back together?


Twitter users are at it again this morning as they plan to begin a replacement trend, #VusiReconcilesWithZodwa regarding the difficulty between Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi.

The Twitter midnight crew claimed that Zodwa and her controversial ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi have decided to form peace among themselves.

Recall, Zodwa took to her Instagram to accuse her ex-boyfriend of being a scammer.

Zodwa stated that her ex recently made use of her name to urge a car so on be discounted.

She also said that she had spent tons on him.

However, Zodwa said she would open a case against him if he doesn’t apologise.

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Vusi’s family recently stated that they’re considering suing the star who confronted Vusi’s sister after a video she made went viral.

Well, nobody is certain if the 2 are returning together but their fans decided to use the hashtag to mention their mind.

See some hilarious reactions from the #VusiReconcilesWithZodwa.

We’re still leading Boys! Vusi told me that usayozama enye imali for Man’s Conference #VusiReconcileWithZodwa pic.twitter.com/ZQAmWqxmIJ

— It’s SamKid (@Samkid_Mdletshe) August 13, 2020