Unhappy Customer Puts King Tee Dee On Blast For Poor Material

Unhappy Customer Puts King Tee Dee On Blast For Poor MaterialBeing a businessman can cause cerebral agonies once in a while especially when customers are discontent with your item, and when they take to online life to air their disappointments it can cause a noteworthy disgrace and undoubtedly impact your business.

One business visionary who may experience this is King Tee Dee, who was starting late put on sway for not using strong material on his jeans. This path his customer took to Twitter to pound him and posted a snap of his jeans recently torn and said he just wore them for a month.

The customer’s tweet left many Twitter customers feeling a way.

Some examined him and said he would have sent King Tee Dee a DM to illuminate him concerning his powerless material and said he was apparently searching for clout while a couple and some said King Tee Dee must come back to the arranging stage to make uncommon materials.

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Ruler Tee Dee has not offered an explanation to the hopeless customer who marked him on the post.

Tweeps reacted to the perturbed customer.

Tweeps reacted to the angry customer.