‘This beef is getting boring now’ – Mzansi to Maphorisa & Prince Kaybee

‘This beef is getting boring now’ – Mzansi to Maphorisa & Prince KaybeePrince Kaybee has taken a swipe at Dj Maphorisa this past weekend and as was common , it's caused unnecessary twitter interactions and clashes of egos.

However, the clash this point is over cars and tweeps are literally over their obsession with one another .

Prince Kaybee fans and people who follows him knows he’s a prevail fan of Mercedes Benz, while those that knows Madumane aka Lawd Phori knows for a sure that he’a Beemer guy.

That is precisely the button Prince Kaybee decided to press this past weekend to ignite one among their many Twitter wars.

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Some think he was provoked by video posted by Phori, drifting a Merc and essentially calling it weak.

Perhaps Kaybee was bored or even he really enjoys the rear and forth with Phori, so he decided to throw him a sub-tweet.

As usual, Phori caught it then caught feelings!

However, people are really getting uninterested in their beefs as they assert its getting really boring.