Student from Velabahleke High School gets infected

Velabahleke High Velabahleke highschool , one among the top-performing schools in Umlazi closed briefly after a pupil tested positive for COVID-19.

The KwaZulu-Natal school sent pupils home early Wednesday 15 July and instructed them to return on Monday in the week .

Despite this, others at the varsity are still concerned. One classmate of the infected pupil said she was scared and feared for her life.

A teacher, who asked to not be identified, also spoke out.

“We acknowledge that our lives are now in peril , especially pupils’ lives because some have are available contact with the infected learner,” the teacher said.

“We now quite ever got to take care and take all the required precautions”.

Velabahleke principal, Bheki Cedric Mhlongo said the varsity was following protocols as began by the Department of Health and assures that the varsity may be a safe place for youngsters during this Pandemic. He also said that any student that shows symptoms are going to be sent home and may only come to high school after getting their Covid-19 results.

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“I believe that faculty is that the safest place to be, especially for matriculants in my school. they begin at 06:00 and head home at 18:30, that way they don’t inherit contact with many of us .

“I am in touch with the infected learner’s family and she or he is currently in quarantine and can come to high school after 14 days”, he added.