smugglers use a petrol tanker to smuggle cigarettes

smugglers use a petrol tanker to smuggle cigarettesAlleged cigarette smugglers are arrested after smuggling 523 boxes packed-full of cigarettes. they're expected to seem before the court on Wednesday, after their illegal cigarette racket was busted. The alleged smugglers filled an empty petrol tanker with tobacco products and drove across the Beitbridge Border with Zimbabwe.

The cops discovered this illegal action once they were inspecting the contents of the vehicle. it had been reported that the tanker was sealed at the highest

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Earlier this month, some smugglers were caught using deuterium oxide containers to seal packs of cigarettes inside.

Since the ban on cigarette has been enforced, the govt had lost R4.07 billion in tax income . it's been reported that the legal industry is hemorrhaging R35 million each day . the govt remains keen on proving the legitimacy of the ban in court.