SK Khoza’s leaked video: Suspect to face legal action if caught

Suspect to face legal action if caughtSK Khoza has been trending on social media after a questionable viral video of him dancing with some naked ladies surfaced.

However, after the video was leaked, SK still went ahead to apologise to his fans, family and everybody but it had been learnt that they weren't accepting his apology as South Africans feel he should face the results of his action.

Well, it's learnt that the one that leaked the footage will even be in additional trouble if found.

Although, SK’s action isn't cool but nobody had the proper to leak such a private footage of him living his best life.

Nevertheless, it's since been brought forward that the one that leaked the footage of SK and his shenanigans could face heavy action that comes along side a hefty fine.

It has been said that SK is technically a victim of what's referred to as ‘revenge porn’.

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Hannes Bouwer of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys came forward to say that the Films and Publications Amendment Bill states that:

“Any person who knowingly distributes private sexual photographs and films in any medium, including through the internet, without prior consent of the individual or individuals and where the individual or individuals in the photographs or films is identified or identifiable in the said photographs and films, shall be guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction. “If the person is/can be identified in the publication [a person found guilty will get a] fine not exceeding R300,000 or imprisonment not exceeding four years or both.” 

So, if SK can find the person who leaked the footage, he could get a little justice from his side, however, we are not sure that this is the route SK wants to take but everyone hopes it gets settled.

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