Sicelo Buthelezi reveals he almost quit his acting career

Sicelo ButheleziSicelo Buthelezi has taken to his social media that he almost quit working at some point in his life.

The actor revealed that in his upbringing he has always dreamt about being a television star and said his career started in theatre.

Sicelo said: “It’s crazy because I even have always seen myself as a athlete , while I grew up I saw myself as a TV personality, so in my mind i might play soccer and get on TV.”

“Growing up I wont to search to Msawawa, I’ve always seen me in him, my career in TV was inspired by the likes of Mxolisi Masilela, Oupa Malatjie stage gurus from Tembisa,” he added.

However, many have begin to mention one or two thing they could have faced within the show business as some are yet to start out reaping the fruit of their labour after being there for years.

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Many actors usually open up about their breath-through struggles which took longer than that they had anticipated, proving that it’s a cut-throat industry.

In Sicelo’s word, he told his fans that he’s not the sort of person to offer up quickly.

In a funny post, he stated he was close to quit acting but two hours later, he decided to travel to his rehearsals.

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