Shauwn Mkhize voice out on corruption rumour

Shauwn MkhizeThe Philanthropist woke up to see her house on the news as regarding a corruption case she has nothing to do with.

It was reported that “Elite cops arrested for corruption, extortion and kidnapping in Durban” and Shauwn wonders how she was involved in the case.

However, she took to her social media to slam the publication stating it is ‘fake news’.

The publication was immediately removed after Shauwn came out.

Although, Shauwn was once asked where she is getting her income from after airing her first episode of her reality series Kwa MamMkhize.

She was questioned for having such a huge mansion but she did not make that bring her down as she stand on her right that she worked really hard.

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To clear the rumour, Shauwn slammed the publication for involving her in the corruption business and the arrests of corrupt cops who were imprisoned for extortion and kidnapping.

“Good morning all I wake up to this …my house going around on social media with headlines ‘ELITE COPS ARRESTED FOR CORRUPTION, EXTORTION AND KIDNAPPING IN DURBAN’ @timesliveza can you please explain to me why is my house on this story, as I am not a cop who was arrested and I am not a person who the money was extorted from ….THIS IS VERY WRONG,” she exclaimed.

Well, her fans stood by her as they advised her to sue them to court or press charges against them so as to clear her name.

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