Read: Ayanda Borotho on “fear” of falling and letting people go

Ayanda BorothoAyanda Borotho took to her social media to remind people to not let fear overshadow them.

In her words, she stated that folks should never let fear be the most reason for not letting go and seeing what life has got to offer.

However, Ayanda never twiddling my thumbs when it involves voicing out on certain issues.

According to her, people inherit our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime and since of that, you’re frightened of letting them go and forgetting to ascertain your full potential in life.

The actress went further to share how people often dwelt on the fear of “falling” not knowing that that they had the facility to “fly” beyond their imagination.

Ayanda said: “People inherit our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Don’t get so trapped on the season that you simply forget the rationale they came and therefore the lessons you learnt which will impact you for a lifetime.”

“Stop shrinking yourself to suit into seasons you’ve got outgrown. What stands between us and therefore the next season is fear.

“Fear of letting go of what we all know and fear of the unknown that lays waiting on the opposite side … the fear that you simply might just fall … oh, but what if … imagine if you fly?”

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