Racism is a form of jealousy and insecurity”- Nandi Madadi

Nandi Madadi
Nandi Madadi

Nandi Madida took to her social media to voice out on the difficulty of racism.

According to her, the act of racism is bred from jealousy and insecurity.

However, it's been said that the majority black people are very intelligent and talented and she or he as a pro-black and pro-Africa makes her who she really is.

She further stated that its either they love them being black or they hate them, they only need to chose one.

She declared: “Racism is a form of jealousy and insecurity. Black people are geniuses, insanely talented, inspiring and blessed beyond. You’ll either love us for that or hate us for that. But it still doesn’t change that … our greatness”

“Africans are super gifted. we do incredibly well globally. We just need the support and right structures, but in terms of raw talent. This continent has it!”

Nandi also went ahead to thank Beyonce for giving her the great opportunity to play the lead role of Nala in Beyoncé’s film and visual album, which has won her some international love.

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