Protesters attack firefighters while trying to quench flames in Cape Town

ProtestersFirefighters deployed many |to avoid wasting"> to save lots of lots of people and property from flames in Cape Town are attacked 3 times in 48 hours, as protests becomes increasingly violent in some areas of the town within the week .

The attackers are labelled “cowards” for ambushing a crucial emergency service. The protests over land hit many areas around the N2 over the past few days.

On Thursday, the town of Cape Town’s Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith, said: “After a stoning incident in Khayelitsha on Tuesday, a petroleum bomb was hurled at a hearth truck in Mfuleni just hours later.

“The fire engine was on the thanks to a call once they were attacked at the Bosasa TRA just after 19:30.

“The attackers threw stones at the vehicle, but also a petroleum bomb. Staff saw flames on the right side of the crew cab, but they didn’t stop and drove to the Blue Downs police station instead.

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“Fortunately, the vehicle didn’t catch alight, and no-one was injured,” Smith said.

But the attacks didn't end there.

Smith explained: “Fast-forward 24 hours and thus an equivalent happened to a special fire vehicle in Mfuleni while under police escort. The roof lining caught alight, but staff were able to extinguish the flames in time.”

Similar attacks on other essential agencies are administered hereby restricting essential service delivery to vulnerable communities.

Smith appeals to the overall public to report any information they'll have about those responsible for the violence to the overall public Emergency Communication Centre by dialling 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or 107 from a landline.