Photos: Pearl Modiade shares her pregnancy journey: “Not all that glitters is gold”

Pearl Modiade Pearl Modiade has taken to her Insta-story to share a number of her pregnancy journey to her fans and followers.

The star kept her pregnancy secret but the new mother stated motherhood for her has been going well.

Few days ago, Pearl appreciated her sisters and baby daddy for being supportive since the arrival of her baby.

She said: “I’m learning…some days are better than others, but my goodness… having my baby in my arms is an indescribable feeling. I melt once I check out that tiny face.”

In another post, the TV presenter reveals she isn’t able to share her baby’s name.

This came after a lover ask what her child’s name is.

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It looks like Pearl wants to stay her child off social media which she feels is that the best for her.

Although she didn’t share her pregnancy journey while she was pregnant she is now sharing it all as a replacement mommy.

On her pregnancy she says: “It all looks amazing, but l was emotionally depleted! Still am. Drained. Not all that glitters is gold.”

See a number of the snaps below: