Nota Baloyi appointed as Deputy Chairman of RiSA

Nota BaloyiNota Baloyi’s outspokenness has secured him an enormous position within the South African music industry.

The music-businessman confirmed being appointed as Recording Industry Of South Africa (RiSA) deputy chairman.

The industry contains 4 major labels Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI and Warner (part of Gallo Warner in South Africa).The company is additionally liable for acknowledging status awards for album sales.

β€œCongratulations to the newly appointed Deputy Chairman of RISA @2Authoritative 🍾 industry development committee Abuti,” wrote Rich Mahogany congratulating Baloyi.

Over the past few months, Nota has attracted many critics against him, as he enjoys criticizing other music artists songs and anything associated with the music industry.

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There was a time he went popular as Kwesta’s manager, but the rapper cancelled the rumors, saying he has no business with Nota anymore.

Nota updates his bio together with his new position.