“Nasty C Makes Me So Emotional,” Says AKA

AKANasty C Makes Me So Emotional,” Says AKA. Out of the many artists we’ve who are talented and taking up the space AKA has always expressed his feelings and thoughts towards only one rapper, Nasty C.

Last weekend the 23 year-old international star released a fresh single faraway from ZMWSP. the only may have caused controversy and led to distasteful views but others couldn’t help but shower love due to it.

Supa Mega said it the last time that Nasty C may be a problem the way he’s overtaking the amount one spots. Meant as a compliment again, Mega expressed that the new wave rapper makes him so emotional.

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“Nasty C makes me so emo. He’s so fucking amazing it’s scary.”

Mega has Nasty C on his upcoming project, not yet confirmed if it’s on Bhovamania EP or the main release he hasn’t said much about.