Mihlali Ndamase reveals confronting her partner, being taken for a fool

Mihlali Ndamase reveals confronting her partnerInfluencer Mihlali Ndamase has taken to her twitter to reveal what went down when she realised her partner was cheating.

Although, she is typically very private about her sexual love , the star shared with fans how she had confronted her boyfriend after suspecting that he was playing the sector .

However, she revealed what led to such action after a lover asked an issue about browsing a guy’s stuff after spending the night.

Mihlali explained that she wasn’t snooping but stumbled upon lipstick stains on the mouthwash bottle and make-up on the towel.

She went further to mention that she hadn’t been to his place for a short time before this, so she knew it wasn’t her’s.

When she confronted him, he asked: “So that isn’t your make-up, babe?”

She said that even after she insisted that it wasn’t, he asked her to warm some food for him.

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“Mihlali warmed up the food, set the table and served him,” she added, with a clown emoji.

The star said she was told to pack her things and leave. She did, but it didn’t last long

“I left for twenty-four hours. He picked me up each day later,” she explained.

The celebrity has frequently been outspoken about cheating and relationship dynamics, and soon sparked a fresh debate with her story.

Many fans responded with their stories on being cheated on, including catching their partner in bed with someone else.

Speaking on the topic before, Mihlali said she would legit need to be sedated if she ever caught her bae red-handed.

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