Manaka Ranaka speaks on going for a maternity leave

Manaka RanakaManaka Ranaka are going to be welcoming her baby in few weeks time and therefore the star can’t wait to ascertain her bundle of joy.

This is coming after she recently became a grand mother after her eldest daughter, Katlego gave birth a couple of weeks ago.

She plays Lucy Diale on the hit SABC 1 soapie but are going to be taking a breather as she prepares to travel on maternity leave very soon.

Manaka isn’t know to motherhood as she already has two grown daughters as she slammed those that felt having daughters can’t be compared to having a son.

She said: “It’s an equivalent feeling I felt once I had my two daughters, so this experience is nothing new. People are saying they hope I’m carrying a boy, but we’ll see. I anticipate to parturition to a toddler . I don’t care if it’s a boy or a woman , as long as it’s not an animal.”

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“Boys and girls are equally important and have different functions in society. “I don’t believe that boys are necessarily better. consistent with society and culture norms, they’re carriers of legacies. Girls also bring kids into this world,” she added.

The expectant mother said she is going to be happening maternity leave very soon.

Manaka said: “I’m still working, but will continue leave a couple of weeks from now. Lucy also will be gone.”

There are quiet a couple of lockdown babies and there are still a couple of who are still expecting them.