Man electrocuted badly while allegedly tampering with railway power lines

electrocuted An alleged cable thief who tampered with railway power lines got electrocuted to death.

When paramedics received the scene, all they found was a badly burnt body.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 1.35pm. The lines that link Ekurhuleni and Joburg with Isando Industries, O.R. Tambo International Airport and Pretoria couldn't operate as power had to be transitioned to permit paramedics to get rid of the body.

City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services, Willie Ntladi said they received a report around 1.35pm that a person had been electrocuted at Elandsfontein railway station .

He also explained how they lowered the “charred, stiff body” from the facility lines to the bottom with two high angle rescuers climbing the ladder to succeed in him. After reaching him, a spare safety belt was convey him so he might be lowered safely right down to the bottom .

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“It is alleged that the patient was tampering with the facility lines that are charged at three thousand volts (3 Kv). When scanning through the facility lines across all the railway lines, one could identify that none of the five railway lines power supply was intact.

“Loose snapped power lines might be seen hanging from switch structures. what's imagined to be the deceased’s operational tools were found directly on the railway line under where he was hanging.

“Paramedics on the scene declared the patient dead and he was handed over to forensic pathologist for the removal to an appropriate facility in Germiston.

“The case has handed over to the South African Police Services` officers where the inquest docket has been opened,” he said.