Letoya Makhene performs some ‘magic’ in the ocean

Letoya Makhene South African actress, Letoya Makhene has decided to point out off a number of her “powers”.

In the video she shared on Instagram jiffy ago, she was seen together with her lover, Lebo Keswa and appears just like the two visited celebrate together.

Recently, Lebo gave Letoya a special treat on her birthday.

The actress revealed that Lebo took her to Cape Town to celebrate the new chapter.

Well, it seems the duo are still within the birthday mood as they plan to treat themselves to the ocean.

According to her, she should have told everyone that things might go a touch crazy if she speaks to the waters.

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It was clear things went crazy because the water became stronger after she spoke with it

“I probably should’ve warned everyone that the waters would get a touch crazy once I speak with the ocean.”