Leanne Manas buys portrait of herself from Rasta: “My painting is safely in her new home”

Leanne Manas has taken to her social media to point out off the portrait she got from the favored artist Lebani “Rasta” Sirenje.

The star loved the painting to the extent she had to offer a shoutout to him.

The broadcaster decided to shop for the portrait of herself albeit Rasta has been mocked within the past for not being the simplest painter but he didn’t let it weigh him down as he continues to try to to what he likes to do best.

The Morning Live presenter took to Instagram, to share a snap of herself with Rasta with a caption that read, “My painting is safely in her new home.”

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Last week Wednesday, Leanne celebrated her 46th birthday and she or he stated that Rasta made her big day more memorable.

In a video she shared, Leanne said, “Rasta, many thanks from rock bottom of my heart and don’t you ever stop what you’re doing cause I can see your work. you set your heart and soul into this and you retain on doing what you’re doing … you made my birthday by doing this.”