Kuhle Adams shares her experience with men: “I despise men, where are we safe?”

Kuhle AdamsKuhle Adams has taken to her Twitter handle to share her experience as she feels she isn't safe as a lady .

The television presenter stated that she lives in fear as a lady in SA.

In her tweets, she recounted how two different men made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Kuhle said she had issues together with her airplane ticket and she or he needed help from someone and a person offered to assist her but made her feel unsafe at an equivalent time.

He says; “ewe, she’s gorgeous, uyayazi. I only affect the simplest . Ndingathathela mna lo’.

She said: “Like I’m some object. I couldn't wait to urge the difficulty resolved so I could leave.”

Thinking that was all, Kuhle had another encounter with another man as she searched for her seat on the plane, leaving her feeling like she’s a “piece of meat”.

She said: “As i'm trying to find my seating, this man within the front row looks back and says ‘yho, kutheni nibahle maan’.

She continued: “I purposefully ignored him, he persisted until the rows were filled up. i'm so uninterested in being checked out sort of a piece of meat. you've got no right to seem at me and address me like that.”

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However, the presenter continued stating that the experiences added anxiety in her life anytime she steps bent leave .

“You haven't any idea how relieved i buy once I reach my destination safely,” she said.

See her tweet below:

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