Khayelitsha protests: Four arrested after attacking a COVID-19 clinic

Khayelitsha protests: Four arrested after attacking a COVID-19 clinicThe protest happening in Khayelitsha within the Western Cape has torched a COVID-19 clinic and a vehicle belonging to power supplier, Eskom on Monday.

Protest within the area has been ongoing for four days with the closure of roads and this has made the enforcement to get on high alert.

Protest within the area are ongoing for four days, with roads closed and enforcement on high alert.

After the burning of a Covid-19 clinic and public disorder as a results of the protest which was sparked over claims of illegal evictions by the town of City of Cape Town , four people are arrested.

A Police spokesperson Andre Traut said that the enforcement agencies are closely keeping an eye fixed on things .

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“Since last week, four people are arrested for riot in Mfuleni concerning the incidents of violence within the area and yesterday, four suspects were arrested on a charge of arson following the torching of a hall in Khayelitsha,” said Traut.

The four people arrested for arson are believed to possess been the hands behind the burning down of a facility found out for the treatment of COVID-19 patients within the hot spot area.

Eskom has also halted their service within the community after one among their vehicles was burnt by residents on Monday.

The Mew Way Bridge on top of N2 has been reported closed as a results of the burning tyres.