Kabomo calls out TikTok for facilitating racist content

TikTokMusician and actor, Kabomo has taken to his Instagram page to warn his fans about the favored video-sharing platform, “TikTok“.

However, Kabomo who claimed the platform is “racist” said there are tons of negative attention surrounding TikTok lately and for a bunch of various reasons.

He, therefore, urge black people to go away the platform.

He went further to state that the social media platform is certainly under scrutiny.

Kabomo has gone on a TikTok boycott over the very fact that the platform decided to filter Black Lives Matter movement contend.

He feels this is often a racial attack that must be noted.

When TikTok started sifting content, peeps felt it had been a sort of censorship and began making it known.

TikTok tried to hide it up by blaming it on technical issues, however, nobody was falling for it.

Kabomo explained how he sees TikTok as a racist platform not only because it sifts Black Lives Matter movement content but because it allows for racial content to be made.

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“TikTok is racist. the 2 white college students who made that racist video … they did it on TikTok. Did TikTok remove it? No. But does one know what TikTok did do? Block anything with the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd thereon .”

Taking to social media, Kabomo urged his black followers to ditch the platform and make it known that what they're doing isn't okay.

“Black people get off TikTok. Stop making them money when it's clear that they hate you.”

Kabomo went on to let his followers know that TikTok uses facial feature recognition to filter your content. So, if you're of colour, they're going to show you what you would like to ascertain but that doesn't necessarily mean they're backing the cause.

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