Just in: Umlazi Magistrate accused of being soft on child rapists suspended

Umlazi MagistrateControversial Umlazi magistrate, Kholeka Badlani, who has been accused of being crazy children rapist has been provisionally suspended till an investigation into her fitness to carry office is administered .

The suspension came a year after the Magistrates’ Commission became conscious of her lenient sentences on rapists.

Bodlani was allocated to the Sexual Offences Court and addressed cases of kid victims who were raped by adults. The prescribed minimum sentence for such offences is captivity .

Eight of her sentences found incomplete and incompetent are overturned on review by judges.

The matter was mentioned Justice Minister Ronald Lamola by the magistrates’ commission. The Department of Justice spokesperson Chrispin Phiri said during a statement issued on Wednesday.

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“A judicial quality assessment of Ms Bodlani’s work revealed serious irregularities and shortcomings, most notably that variety of her cases had to be sent on special review in terms of Section 304(4) of the Criminal Procedure Act as several serious shortcomings and incompetent sentences were imposed by her,” he said.

“In most the finalised cases which were assessed, Ms Bodlani imposed sentences where the accused were cautioned or strongly reprimanded or wholly suspended.”

According to him, Bodlani is predicted to face disciplinary hearing.