“I’m starting to think ALL white people are racist…”- Ntsiki

Ntsiki-MazwaiNtsiki has decided to bounce on the white community this point around.

The media personality is understood to always speak up her mind at any given point in time.

Ntsiki shared a video on Twitter with the caption, “I’m beginning to think ALL White race are racist…”.

In her words, she accused the white community for always taking what’s rightfully for the blacks.

Although she said she doesn’t have a drag with the White race but mentioned it’s unhealthy usurping mainstream platforms and thinking that they represent the bulk .

Ntsiki stated, “I don’t have a drag with White race creating their own spaces. It’s healthy for White race to possess their own space. What I find toxic, unhealthy and racist is White race usurping mainstream platforms and thinking that they represent the bulk . It makes no sense to me why a Steven Grootes should get on SA FM within the morning, it makes no sense to me why a Leanne Manas should get on Morning sleep in the morning, when this country is BLACK dominated. If they a minimum of spoke one African language, then it might make it a touch easier except for the very fact that White race have usurped mainstream platforms that rightfully belong to the majority… speaks tons about racism , and White race thinking that they’re not racist once they actually are.”
Recall on 2018, Ntsiki had issue with Leanne Manas within the past as she believes that her position as head presenter is totally unwarranted and will tend to a Black .
The media personality however labelled Leanne as mediocre and also added that Leanne has the advantage of white privilege.
Responding to the present, Leanne stated that she is going to wish to show Ntsiki the higher side of her and would want to satisfy her so she will explain she isn’t about the sort of complexion .
Watch the video below:

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