Gomora’s Ama Qamata tests positive for Covid-19

Ama Qamata tests positiveGomora’s Actress, Ama Qamata has taken to social media to reveal that she has tested positive for Covid-19 but she feels good.

She made her results known to Mzansi through an Instagram Live video.

Even though Ama has the coronavirus, she emphasised that she “feels fine”.

The actress, who also stars on Netflix’s Blood & Water, expressed that she is simply experiencing mild symptoms.

“I just want to require this video to announce that I even have tested positive for Covid-19. I feel fine, honestly I even have very mild symptoms. the sole thing I’m experiencing is simply I can’t smell or taste anything.”

Ama encouraged her followers to stick to Mzansi’s lockdown regulations.

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“I just need to tell everyone to remain indoors, if there’s no reason to go away your house, don’t. If you’re leaving your house confirm you guys sanitise, keep your distance, wear your mask and guys we’re gonna get through this. just like the saying goes: tough times never last, only tough people last, so we’ll be fine.”

However, the star’s Twitter followers flooded her timeline with messages of support after her revelation.