“Even Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters”- Sizwe claimed

sizwe Sizwe has stepped on many toes after a tweet he made weighing in on Kanye West’s rant.

Kanye West was everywhere social media stating that artists should own their masters as he claimed Beyoncé Knowles-Carter only owns half her masters.

This is following after Kanye revealed his record label are refusing to inform him what proportion his masters cost because they know he can afford to shop for them back.

Sizwe on the opposite hand plan to join the conversation as he made claims about Beyonce.

He said: “Even Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters but the purpose is to smarten up. Kanye was still taking advances for videos in Cruel Summer? SMH! in any case that popping off!?”

Sizwe did not let this affect him as he continues to bring out receipt to show his facts are tangible.

Beyonce Update responded to Sizwe’s tweet.

They slammed him for always having something to say about other people’s personal life.

Check out some of the tweets from Beyonce’s fans asking their favorite to come defend and confirm the claims laid down by Sizwe.





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