Dladla Mshunqisi on losing all he has due to the pandemic

Dladla Mshunqisi Dladla Mshunqisi has revealed that he might loose all he has thanks to the continued pandemic.

Many of the South African celebrities are everywhere social media lamenting on how the pandemic has really affected them.

Some even stated that it had been really difficult for them to feed their families and people working for them because there was no income.

At that time , all shows and event were totally on pack up so their were no gigs for them.

Well, the lock down has been relieved to level 2 but many celebrities are still not pleased to the new development.

This cause Durban artists protest on N3 Highway stating they need a minimum of 70 percent capacity at live events.

Dladla was also spotted at the protest but when it became really scary, the star was captured running to save lots of his life.

Well, the star has decided to voice out stating that the pandemic has really affected him.

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As much as people tease the result of their protest, he’s fearful that he could lose his house, car and every one that he pays for, should restrictions continue.

“This is basically painful. we’ve been working and saving money for rainy days, but this has gone on for much too long. We never expected that we might not work for such an extended time.

He said: “As it’s the three months i used to be given by the bank to ante up have passed. The police treated us like criminals which hurts. i used to be not arrested but I don’t wish the brutality we suffered on another person. because it is my chest remains suppressed, I cannot breath properly due to the teargas.”

Dladla has urged other artists and industry people that are suffering to stay hope alive, all are going to be well.

“As very much like this hurts our job isn’t taken seriously, people don’t see it as a true job. I even have learned to not only depend upon making music but search for other avenues of creating money.”