Criselda Kananda opens up on how she didn’t let HIV+ diagnosis break her

Criselda KanandaFormer radio host, Criselda Kananda took to social media to remind folks that there are other existing sicknesses including HIV/AIDS aside the foremost concentrated virus, Coronavirus.

Criselda Kananda recently expressed how incredibly grateful she is despite things not being 100 percent in her business and private life.

However, she is someone who has always open up about her status and aims to teach others on the way to live positively.

Criselda remains determined to serve the community and spread love everywhere she goes.

Criselda wrote, “HIV may have shaped by life purpose significantly, but it definitely doesn’t define me. i used to be diagnosed, not sentenced, HIV positive.”

She continued, “In 2020, I’m not a wife anymore, business is struggling thanks to Covid-19, (I’m) not in broadcasting, lost friends, my health became entangled. within the midst of all this, i used to be reminded of my why. I learned that my calling is in serving wherever God places me. Circumstances change, but God remains. My daily prayer is to like people, be humble and honour God with my words and deeds.”

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Last month, Criselda revealed that she was taking ARVs after her system deteriorated thanks to stringent sanitising required for Covid-19 precautionary measures.

The star revealed she had tested negative for Covid-19, but said the HIV in her body was “having a live concert.”