‘Being black is a state of being’, Khanyi Mbau speaks on skinlightening

Khanyi MbauKhanyi Mbau has addressed the skin lightening debate and therefore the reasons of why she did it.She stated that its her option to lighten her skin, claiming that it's been her personal option to do so.

In an Instagram Live video on Tuesday, the media personality said skin lightening may be a lifestyle, especially once you are within the show business , so you are trying to seem your best in the least times or “dreamlike”.

In a one-hour-long video, she spoke about her journey of skin lightening, in promotion of her latest sponsor, Sparkle Skincare.

She stated that the method began in 2011, after she realised that white makeup artists were unable to cater to her skin tone.

In an effort to rectify this issue, the actress decided to start out taking Glutathione IV drips and pills, which was ultimately useless.

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Eventually she realised that the sole thanks to achieve lighter skin was to use surface products, because it had the foremost effective results.

Khanyi further clarified that by her lightening her skin, she wasn't looking down upon others with darker skin. She stated that it had been her personal chose, and having fair skin made her look fresh and glowy, and made her Instagram POP!

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