AKA plans on assisting the family of the boy who was killed

AKAAKA has decided to help the family of the 16-year-old boy with mongolism who was killed by the police.

It was reported that the boy, Nathaniel Julius had left to eat a cookie by a confectionery and while eating the biscuits and sitting with friends, a police wagon approached the group.

Due to the very fact he couldn’t speak well, they thought he was hiding something then shot him.

AKA who took to his Twitter jiffy ago stated that rather than employing a hashtag which he feeling its useless, people should attempt to offer something better as he revealed that somebody should let him know where to send the bag to help the family.

“Your hashtags don’t mean shit thereto young man’s family. Could someone please let me know where to send the bag to help . Thank You.”

Someone already responded to his tweet asking if he could send the mother’s contact to his DM.

Many of his fans are happy with his decision and they are ready to support him fully.

Read some of the reactions below:

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